About Tnrproductions And Erotic Entertainment

About Tnrproductions


Our co-founders, Tyler and Rock got into swinging about 10 years ago.  Originally from Charlotte, NC they moved to Miami after a modeling agent spotted them and got them work.  They have both done numerous videos within the adult film industry, Reality Kings and Bait Bus, to name a couple.  They have been in the industry for about 8 years.  In 2017, they decided to break away from being models and started Tnrproductions, inc.

The Mission

Since Tnrproductions formation a couple of years ago we have gone through some obstacles, set back and even changed the look of the company, some what.  However, our mission still remains the same.  To provide an environment so that we can have a diversified community of health individuals that are able to sexually express themselves.  Tnrproductions is committed to providing superior customer serviice, the highest variety of top quality products while at the same time providing additional resources and tools through our sexual fitness center, modeling and store so that we will  be  well rounded and healthy individuals.

Our Focus

At Tnrproductions our focus is not just porn but hopeful to breakdown some of the barriers and hang-ups that has prevented us from having a healthy sex life which has also damaged our relationships.  There our four aspects that make up a healthy individual - emotional well-being, physical well-being, spiritual well-being and sexual well-being.  We will tackle them all, with obviously our emphasis being on the sexual side.  The main emphasis of this site is to recruit models for our webcam modeling studio.