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How To Become a Webcam Model

First Step



Make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Second Step


Decide What You Want To Do On Webcam


You’ll also need to choose a stage name you love. Here’s a guide my friend Ashe wrote on this subject if you need some tips.

Spend some time coming up with your name, and make sure it isn’t already being used. Your cam name will become your brand and it’s not something you’ll want to change in the future once you’ve established your fan base.

Your future clients will know you by the name you choose right now so don’t pick something you might regret 6 months out.

Third Step


Sign-Up With Our Modeling Agency To Become A Webcam Model

Two Types of Platforms Offered:

 Public platform: On this platform you’ll set tip goals, play games and perform for a potentially large group of guests. This setup is particularly great for building your fan base, and the income potential is quite high due to the number of viewers allowed. 

 Private platform: This is where we do per-minute shows on an individual basis, as well as private group shows. Traffic and commission are generally much lower than public platform, but this shouldn’t deter you if you’re more introverted or more interested in building one-on-one relationships with clients. 


Fourth Step


Familiarize yourself with Our site and its rules.

Before you get on webcam and start broadcasting, make sure you understand how you will be making money on the site. Explore the interface. Read everything we give you. If need be, communicate with the our support to make sure that you’re on the same page as the modeling agency.


Fifth Step

  • Upload one of those tastefully sexy photos from Step Three.

  • Be totally clear about your limits and what you’re willing to do on webcam in your show. A.K.A Do not sell your soul.

  • Highlight your unique features, interests, and personality.

  • Remember, it doesn’t have to be all about sex. Without revealing any personal information, give your guests a glimpse of the real you.


Sixth Step


Select your Studio hours.

And yeah, stick to them. Webcam modelling is a business, so treat it like one. Consistency is going to be key to your success.

Get ready, turn on your cam, and get started. It’s totally normal for it to feel a little awkward at first. Embrace the butterflies. If you need help with anything, contact our support team. 

Remember that you are the boss. If a member is being rude, give him a warning and don’t be shy with the boot button. Stay in control of your room and don’t do something that you weren’t planning on doing, unless you’re comfortable with it.

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